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Carl Webb : Bass guitar, backing vocals. Carl Webb (aka Ledru Rollins) was born in London to an English father and German mother. Started playing bass aged 15 but stopped a few years later and only re-started when he took early retirement a few years ago and moved to Norfolk. Blues, Rock and Progrock are his main influences (although he also has a love of Classical music) and his bass hero is Jack Bruce.... View Profile
Eric Paterson: Lead vocals, harmonica. Born and brought up in the North East of Scotland I moved South to Kings Lynn after completing a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen. Work took me further south To Oxford, on to the United States and then back to Oxford and Then returning to Kings Lynn in 2000. Musically I have been involved with bands as a lead vocalist since I was 16. Formed first band with 4 other classmates and as Rat Salad we played gigs around the North East of Scotland with a mixture of covers of hard rock and pop classics. Main influences on the band were Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Free. After leaving school for University and the demise of Rat Salad I joined another local covers band called Benny’s Dream playing with them throughout my undergraduate years, a mixture of pop and soft rock classics from the 70’s. Although This group split in 1979 we are still emotionally atta... View Profile
Gary Wallace: Guitar, backing vocals. My love affair with all things guitar started at age 12 with a club book Eko 6 string. I don't remember how this came about but I do recall seeing a documentary when I was 11 which showcased both Jimi Hendrix and Clodagh Rodgers. So I suppose thank you Clodagh!! With no musical background whatsoever I started from ground zero and the theory that an in-tune guitar was all the tuning pegs all turned into a straight line. At 14 I bought an electric guitar, again coincidentally an Eko from local emporium, Joe's Junkshop. The choice was between that or a homemade one where the body was a toilet seat (like Ronnie Wood's but minus the toilet paper). The cost was £14 and as I had no actual money I traded about every toy I owned. When I discovered to my surprise you didn't plug it directly in the mains I rigged up a 5 pin din lead to play it through my record player only to discover... View Profile
Paul Borley: Drums, percussion, backing vocals. Paul has been playing in and around East Anglia for many years, both as a band member and a freelance musician. Some of the bands he has played for are Bone Orchard, The wide Boys, Famous Last Words, Feels Like Rain, Against the Grain, My Back Pages, Stone Pony, and My Cocoon. His drums have also taken him to Germany and Portugal . He prefers vintage drums and real ale !... View Profile