Eric Paterson: Lead vocals, harmonica.

Born and brought up in the North East of Scotland I moved South to Kings Lynn after completing a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen. Work took me further south To Oxford, on to the United States and then back to Oxford and Then returning to Kings Lynn in 2000.

Musically I have been involved with bands as a lead vocalist since I was 16. Formed first band with 4 other classmates and as Rat Salad we played gigs around the North East of Scotland with a mixture of covers of hard rock and pop classics. Main influences on the band were Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Free. After leaving school for University and the demise of Rat Salad I joined another local covers band called Benny’s Dream playing with them throughout my undergraduate years, a mixture of pop and soft rock classics from the 70’s. Although This group split in 1979 we are still emotionally attached to each other and have reunited over the years for gigs in Scotland, and, due to our lead guitarist residing in Thailand there too.

Spent over a year playing with the Aberdeen based covers band Cool Hand during my postgraduate studies but this ended when I moved south for work. There then followed a long gap in band membership due to travels with employment apart from the Benny’s Dream gigs outlined above. On returning to Kings Lynn I spent several periods as a member of the London band , The Electrics, filling in for two periods of maternity by their lead singer, along with a former member of Benny’s Dream.

Since early retirement I have now had more time to devote to music and joined two local bands. Octave, a Wisbech based covers band, and of course the Blues focused Stoli Gibson and the Pearl Onions. Gigging has now resumed after COVID restrictions have eased and looking forward to playing to live audiences once more with both Octave and the Stoli Boys.