Gary Wallace: Guitar, backing vocals.

My love affair with all things guitar started at age 12 with a club book Eko 6 string. I don't remember how this came about but I do recall seeing a documentary when I was 11 which showcased both Jimi Hendrix and Clodagh Rodgers. So I suppose thank you Clodagh!! With no musical background whatsoever I started from ground zero and the theory that an in-tune guitar was all the tuning pegs all turned into a straight line. At 14 I bought an electric guitar, again coincidentally an Eko from local emporium, Joe's Junkshop. The choice was between that or a homemade one where the body was a toilet seat (like Ronnie Wood's but minus the toilet paper). The cost was £14 and as I had no actual money I traded about every toy I owned. When I discovered to my surprise you didn't plug it directly in the mains I rigged up a 5 pin din lead to play it through my record player only to discover it didn't work!! I got it fixed, eventually moved up to a Marshall 20 watt PA with 2 column speakers and I was away.

Guitarist I jumped up and down in my bedroom to were all the usual suspects such as Andy Powell, Tony Mcphee, Paul Kossoff, Ollie Halsall, Leslie West and Johnny Winter. My school maths book didn't contain equations but rather guitar tab I had worked out for Tony Iommi's riffs on The Paranoid LP. Later a big influence was Zal Cleminson who taught me it didn't matter what the note was, you could bend it, and some!!

Whilst sitting at home jamming along to THE STEVE GIBBONS BAND on "Rock Goes To College" I decided the time was right to join a band and this turned out to be the Peterborough based BORDELLO in which I spent several years and through various lineup changes playing mostly in the Midlands.

After that I delved into NWOBHM with firstly the London based OVERLORD and later INTERNATIONAL HEROES touring England and the London clubs.

A return home saw me starting a lifetime friendship with Paul Borley, the Stoli's drummer with whom I formed the WIDE BOYS playing R&B extensively in East Anglia. There was also a brief sojourn as the original guitarist in FAMOUS LAST WORDS, the brainchild of singer songwriter legend Grant Beardsly.

We now come up to date with STOLI GIBSON & the Pearl Onions who spawned from Norfolk's best kept secret, THE MOJO PRIESTS, with the current lineup of myself, Paul, Carl and Eric.

Oh yes, and which one's Stoli?